Extraordinary Donor Journey

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Antidote to Chaos: Think First, Act Second

Successful Fundraising Strategies in a Busy World


Inspiring minds. Inspired giving.

Implement all the advice you’ll hear in this one-long-day immersion into expert-level fundraising training … and your nonprofit could quickly (within 12 months) and dramatically boost (up to 1,000% higher! true story) its charitable income.

At the same time you’ll learn how to improve key fundraising metrics and the importance of thinking strategically before taking action .

Bring your questions and an open mind.

You can’t lose.

New research from top fundraising academics Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Amy Eisenstein found that every time YOU attend a training event like this one (and of course execute the recommendations), your nonprofit will likely attract an average $37,000 in new gifts in the next 12 months.

Pretty good ROI, don’t you think?

Bring the boss(es). They need to hear this.